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  1. National Institutes of Health, 1R01DE026759-01 "Chitosan Guided Bone Regeneration Membranes for Dual Local Delivery of Simvastatin and Raspberry Ketone" April 2017 – March 2022. (Role: Principal Investigator)

  2. National Institutes of Health, "Investigating a flexible degradable local antibiotic delivery system" Jan 2015 – Dec 2020. (Role: co-Investigator; Principle investigator: Jennings)

  3. Dual Action Coating for Infection Prevention and Osseointegration, FedEx Institute of Technology Innovation Fund. Sept 2015 – June 2018. (Role: Principal Investigator)


  1. U.S. Patent Application No. 13/256,585, “Compositions and Methods for Delivering an Agent to a Wound”, W.O. Haggard, S.P. Noel, J.D.  Bumgardner, May 2009. [Europe: EP2408435A0;  Europe:  EP2408435A0; March 2010]

  2. PCT Application NO. PCT/US15/18170 “Chitosan Nanofiber Compositions, Compositions Comprising Modified Chitosan, and Methods of Use”, J.D. Bumgardner, G. McGraw, C.L. Bumgardner, T. Fujiwara, D. Abebe, K-Y Liu, H. Su, C. Wu, February 2015.

  3. Provisional Patent Application No. 12/427,546, “Chitosan-Carbon nanotube composite scaffolds for drug delivery” J.A. Jennings, W.O Haggard, J.D. Bumgardner. November 2008.

  4. Provisional Patent Application No: 60/849075 “Cross-linked chitosan-coated calcium sulfate used as a vehicle to deliver medicaments to localized graft/wound/defect site,” W.O. Haggard, J.D. Bumgardner, S. Noel, K. Richelsoph, Y. Yuan, October 2006.

  5. Provisional Patent #98/071412 “In-vitro cellular/biomaterial strain simulator,” D.W. Rutherford, J.D. Bumgardner, D. Smith, J. Gilbert, December 1999.



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