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What We Do

Dr. Bumgardner’s lab is focused on developing chitosan-based materials for a wide range of biomedical implant and tissue engineering/regenerative medicine applications in the orthopedic and dental/craniofacial areas.  The lab is focused on the design and development of chitosan-based materials for;

  • dental and orthopedic implant coatings,

  • composites for bone grafts,

  • injectable micro- and nanoparticles for graft and drug delivery,

  • wet-spinning and electrospinning of fibers/membranes for guided bone regeneration and tissue engineering. 

About Us


The mission of the JDB lab is to recruit, educate, and prepare highly competent biomedical laboratory scientists while demonstrating high ethical and moral standards and the utmost in technical competence. 

 As well as, be the leader in the field of chitosan biomaterial research and development.


Vision & Values

To accomplish our vision, the mission of the JDB Lab is to demonstrate the highest quality of technical and clinical competence in leading research and the laboratory profession.


  • Professional and ethical behavior

  • Respect and appreciation of differences

  • Life-long learning

  • Excellence in teaching, scholarship, service

  • Collegiality and collaboration

  • Social responsibility 

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